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Booking Fees


Double Rates 

(Chelsea and Olivia):

1 Hour introduction:


 90 Minutes: 


2  Blissful Hours:


3 Hours to Indulge:


4 Hour Dinner Date:


Slumber Party! (12-15hours):





**We provide an upscale 90 min. minimimum incall experience. Two hour min. for outcalls, and add $50 per 25 miles. Touring rates vary. We are available for travel as a duo, please contact us for more details!**


Individual Rates:


1 Hour: 


90  GloriousMinutes:


2 Decadent Hours:


3 Hours To Unwind:


4 Hour Dinner Date:


6 Hour Dinner & a Show!:


12-15 Hr. Dinner & Breakfast: 


*** One hour rate can be used only for repeat clients, at our discretion***

Denver: Add $200 to Jax Rates

*Fees may vary while traveling. 


We in no way participate in or condone illegal activities. Our rates are a nonnegotiable fee for our time and company only. Please DO NOT attempt to discuss any explicit or illegal activities with us by email, phone, or in person, ever.

Contacting us by email and/or phone will constitute acceptance of the terms mentioned above.  For more information see our