~Sweet Dreams~

 Basic Sleepover Etiquette        


















        Overnight appointments are very special to us, and we will have a night to remember! Below are a few tips to get the most enjoyment out of our encounter. It's mostly common sense stuff, but worth a read to make sure everyones needs are met.


    1) Most overnight appointments last about 12 – 16 hours, and should include a decent nights sleep, at least 6 uninterupted hours.  If you meet with us in the evening you could reasonably expect us to be with you until just after breakfast. You needn't feel rushed to leave upon waking! The next morning can be intimate and cozy. If you would like to stay past 10:30 or 11, please let us know in advance so that we can make special arrangements.

     2) Always have a back-up sleeping plan! It should be a no-stress, come and go as you please sort of arrangement.  For example, while traveling for multiple days we like to have a room to ourselves to keep our things in, do girly stuff, and to sleep in at least some of the time. Sharing sleeping space with someone new doesn't always yield much actual rest, and laying awake all night is stressful for anyone. Feel free to kick Olivia, the notorious pillow stealer out! Chelsea drools sometimes. Maybe you snore. We are all friends here and we won't judge ;)

     3)  We have a so many excellent restaurants in our area, and ordering in is also an option, just let us know your preference! Let's unwind with a bottle of wine, have a great meal, and enjoy our unrushed evening together. Overnights are wonderful and we have a lot of fun, great conversation and time to really connect.  We have time to digest and ease into an unrivaled state of intimacy.


     4) Sleep in a bit if you can. It's lovely and we are pretty much useless early in the morning anyways, 

 ( “early” is subjective, of course). Get up around 9 am, or linger a little longer for morning pillow talk and we'll put on a pot of coffee.  Let us know what you like for breakfast and we will do our very best to accomodate! 


     5) Everyone's needs are different, so please be clear on your specific expectations/needs so we will know what to anticipate and prepare accordingly!!