Our Rules

   1. You have read and agree to the 

   2. You will always be respectful and always be a gentleman, or risk forfeiting your booking fee and being asked to leave at the discretion of your service provider.

   3. Don’t Kiss and Tell.  At this time we are discouraging reviews for our mutually ensured security and privacy.  We will be setting up a members' area in the near future where feedback can be shared. If in the meantime you would like to review us on a reputable site, we ask that you concentrate on the quality of our encounter.


   5. Our booking fee is nonnegotiable. Gifts and tips are very appreciated, but not required.

   6. You will always have the booking fee for our appointment ready in an unsealed envelope or greeting card, in plain sight upon arrival. You will never make us ask for it or discuss it at any time.

   7. We respect that your time is valuable and will not overstay our appointment. We expect the same respect in return. If you would like to extend our time together please ask if we have additional time available. You will be expected to pay any additional required booking fees immediately. This is not personal or a reflection on how much we like you.

   8. You agree to provide accurate and complete information for verification purposes. This is for our safety and yours and we take it very seriously.


       ** Not a rule, but it is considered bad etiquette  for a provider to copy and paste portions of MYPTGF.com or affiliated advertising onto their own websites or ads without permission.  A lot of effort goes into keeping our website updated  and into choosing the words we use to express ourselves. We would be happy to assist anyone who needs  help getting started,  just email us and ask.  Thanks!**